Wanjuan eBook Reader (2010)

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Wanjuan (a.k.a Dianshu) eBook Reader (2010)

Project Manager of Wanjuan (Dianshu) eBook Reader, Shanghai Research and Development Center, Super Star Digital Library 超星数字图书馆上海研发中心

User research, early development, Interaction and User experience Design

Zaifan eBook Search Engine (2010)

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Zaifan eBook Search Engine (2010)

User Experience develop, Zaifan eBook Search Engine

by Shanghai Research and Development Center, Super Star Digital Library 超星数字图书馆上海研发中心

Live site at http://www.zaifan.com

QS Top Universities Guide CN (2010)

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QS Top Universities Guide Official Chinese Edition 世界一流大学指南 (2010)

(with QS World University Rankings 世界大学排行榜 2009 and QS Asian University Ranking 亚洲大学排行榜 2010)

Project Coordinator and Designer for TUG2010 Chinese Edition and China Universities Research project

Partners of QS Top Universities Guide Official Chinese Edition

QS Asia Quacquarelli Symonds Pte Ltd

Lujiang Publishing House, a member of The Straits Publishing & Distributing Group

Social Networking Site Design (2010)

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Social Networking Site Design (2010)

Social Media Marketing project for JustBB Cream and Terminal Advertising (Shanghai)

JustBB.com / JustBB.cn /JustBB.com.cn domain name deal intermediary

Live Site at http://www.51fly.com

The Time, Low-cost online film (2009)

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The Time, Low-cost online film (2009)

Program Planner and Social Media Executive for Low-cost online file <The Time>

by Creation Workshop 创工房 and Aris X Co, NDD Group

with Partners

Raffles Design Institute Shanghai, VeryCD, PPStream, PPLive and Tudou.com

The Official Website and Trailer http://www.arisxco.com/time

Info from Raffles Design Institute http://sh.raffles.edu.cn/cn/news/college-news/1938.html


Brazilian Chinese Hybrid Design (2009)

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brazilian chinese hybird design

(点击放大 click to enlarge)

Brazilian Chinese Hybrid Design Icograda Workshop 中国和巴西互相交融Icograda 设计工作坊

Chinese Element: Ping Pong (Table Tennis) / 中国元素:乒乓球

Brazilian Element: Flag of Brazil, Brazilian National Colors / 巴西元素:巴西国旗及颜色

S8300796 S8300801

Honor Certificate of Achievement, China Design Workshop Achievements Exhibition, Beijing Icograda World Design Congress 北京Icograda 世界设计大会中国设计工作坊成就展荣誉证书

The full information about the workshop… (in Portuguese 🙂


JIONG 一日一囧 (2008)

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JIONG 一日一囧 (2008)

Heatherm was the co-founder and Executive Director of JIONG.


Online video programs for cross-media promotion project “iBingshuang” for Colgate, China


Athletic Meeting at Jiong – 163.com Olympic Games

囧国运动会 – 网易奥运

Jiong – Expression and Attitude, The Third Duolun Youth Art Exhibition at Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art

上海多伦现代美术馆第三届多伦青年美术大展 囧-表达与姿态

With the background the Three Kingdoms, Red Cliff of Jiong supplied the power for the film Red Cliff.


For more information, please download the project introduction.


Sustainable Designer Network (2009)

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Sustainable Designer Network website (2009)

Sustainable Designer Network is a online community and learning platform for Sustainable Designers with a completed Certified Sustainable Designer certification program.

Sustainable Designer Network is Heatherm’s final project at Raffles Design Institute.

Sustainable Designer Network link http://www.sustainabledesigner.net

Below are the interface introduction and the exhibition banner design pages of  Sustainable Designer Network on the final project book.

susdesign-3 susdesign-4

Download the full final project book http://www.heatherm.net/portfolio/projectbook_heatherm_final.pdf

MTV + Inconstant Me (2008)

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MTV + Inconstant Me (2008)

Graphic Excellence Award of MTV+ME MID Production, MTV Asia


and here is the Disney version http://www.heatherm.net/portfolio/mtv/disney

Asterix Ventures Website (2009)

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Asterix Ventures Website Design (2009)

Web design for Asterix Ventures, Singapore


Link http://www.asterixventures.com